Genklean (Thailand) Company Limited started in 1980’s in the name of small partnership company. We grew up along with the development of Thailand’s industry. We provided wide range of products and services for various industries.


We are very determined to introduce the new and innovative cleaning products and ideas according to our slogan INNOVATIVE CLEANING SOLUTION.


  • Start in 1983, we supplied paint spray gun WAGNER of Germany in the name of SALES PROMOTION.
  • Year 1989, supplied textile & garment cleaning gun KREBS from Switzerland.
  • Year 1991, registered to VAT in the name of SALES PROMOTION (1991) Limited Partnership. Expand the line of business to textile & garment industry. Supply the cleaning gun, equipments and chemical.
  • Year 1992, imported rust spot remover MAGICA from Denmark.
  • Year 1994, imported TENLUXE textile & garment equipments from Taiwan.
  • Year 2003, start the business of bio-degradable cleaning product ENVIRON.
  • Year 2005, supplied the disc filtration ARKAL and AMIAD from Isael.
  • Year 2008, reorganized the company from Limited Partnership to GENKLEAN (THAILAND) Company Limited. We proudly run the business of cleaning innovation and green environmental products.


  • Bio-degradable Cleaner ENVIRON – The cleaner that is natural bio-degradability and safe to user and environment.
  • Water-based Solution GENKLEAN AQUA KLEAN – The water-based cleaner and rust inhibitors for industrial parts production.
  • Solvent Cleaner GENKLEAN HYDRO KLEAN – The cleaner which is evaporate very quickly for short and reliability cleaning process.
  • Cleaning Machine and Equipments GENKLEAN MACHINE – The cleaning machine with Ultrasonic System and Spray Washing System. We have more equipments for textile and garment industry.
  • Miscellaneous products MISC – The miscellaneous products to be use in maintenance department and safety works.

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